Thursday, November 12, 2020

Back in the Studio

The seasons have changed and our activities have moved indoors. I took a break from painting this past summer and spent most of my time outdoors gardening, hiking, biking and enjoying nature. We were able to socially-distance with friends, too. I stored up a lot of good outdoor energy to get me through the northern winter. I feel refreshed and am back in the studio. Here are a few recent paintings. I continue to focus on shapes, values and composition. I want to try to convey my message with as few brush strokes as possible.

"Geraniums in Window"
14" x 11", oil on linen panel  SOLD

"September Nasturtiums"
12" x 9", oil on linen panel  SOLD

"Evening Roses"
8" x 8", oil on board

8" x 10", oil on linen panel SOLD

"Cherries in Goblet"
10" x 8", oil on board  SOLD