Friday, December 10, 2010

Recent Small Paintings

As with most artists, I'm always on a quest to make better paintings. I've discovered I can learn as much from painting a small work in a couple of days as I do from creating a large work that might take a couple of weeks to complete. During the last few months, I've focused on these smaller works.

"Orange Glow"

"Orange Glow" was an opportunity to capture that intense color at the center of the orange. I put it in first and built the painting around it. The values are very important — the white pulp is the lightest part. I'm happy with this one. It has the direct loose brushwork I like.

"Orange Glow", 8"x 6", oil on linen panel, SOLD

"White and Silver"

"White and Silver" was an exploration of the colors and color temperatures (warms and cools) in white. That's my silver baby cup.

"White and Silver", 8"x 10", oil on linen panel, SOLD

"Primary Peppers"

"Primary Peppers" was my demonstration painting during the Blue Moon Art Tour last Labor Day weekend. I wanted to show how I begin a painting by working first with the general shapes and then progressing to more and more detail. The painting features the primary colors as well as the peppers.

"Primary Peppers", 6"x 8", oil on board, SOLD

"Tiny Pumpkins"

Who can resist those little pumpkins that show up in the grocery store in the fall? "Tiny Pumpkins" is about circles. Sometimes in a still life I put in a reference object to give a sense of scale. Without the plate, it would be hard to tell if the pumpkins were little or big.

"Tiny Pumpkins", 6"x 8", oil on canvas panel, $240 (unframed)

"Broken Pomegranate"

I try to paint pomegranates during the holidays every year. They are such an interesting fruit. It's always a challenge for me to keep the shapes simple with detail in just a few of the seeds.

"Broken Pomegranate", 8"x 6", oil on board, SOLD

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