Friday, February 18, 2011

"Box of Tissue"

Here's another composition with a dark background. The translucent quality of the tissue paper is interesting and challenging to paint. Light goes through the paper as well as bouncing off it. To capture the crinkles and planes in the tissue, I used all the painter's tools such as: lost and found edges, value shifts, changes in hue. The one I found particularly important was color temperature. Often I saw an edge without a hue shift and not much of a value shift. To create that edge or plane, I used a warmer or cooler version of the color. For example, one plane would be a yellow-orange while the plane next to it would be more lavender. Light going through the paper is usually warm; light reflected off it is usually cooler. This painting was a good exercise in observation.

"Box of Tissue", 12"x12", oil on board   SOLD

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  1. Ruth Ann RundbladeJuly 14, 2011 at 2:36 PM

    Dear Sara,

    It's about time I took a look at your new web site and blog. Very nice. We made our first "summer soup" of the season and I thought of you fondly. It tasted almost as good as your painting looks! Heading to Duluth in a couple of weeks and always look forward to Lizzards where we first discovered your work.

    Hope your having a wonderful summer.