Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vanity Paintings

This series is inspired by a couple of things. The first is this little round mirror that sits next to the clutter of cosmetics on my vanity. The second is the word "vanity" and its various definitions. 

I'm always a little embarrassed by the number of products I buy to enhance my appearance. Considering the size of the cosmetics industry, I guess I'm not alone in my search for the perfect color. The circular mirror is almost like a target framing the focal point in the composition. I like to paint reflections, but I think this is the first time I've incorporated a mirror in a still life. The painting with the faded rose is a nod to the "vanitas" theme of 17th-century Dutch paintings.
"Vanity — Nail Polish", 8"x 8", oil on linen, Sold

"Vanity — Lipstick", 8"x 8", oil on linen, Sold

"Vanity — Faded Rose", 8"x 8", oil on linen, Sold

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